Unsafe Lane Changes

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Unsafe lane changes lead to numerous accidents in Illinois and throughout the country every year. These accidents are particularly dangerous for motorcyclists, who can suddenly be hit and even tossed off their vehicles, suffering serious and sometimes fatal injuries. If you have sustained an injury or lost a loved one in an accident caused by an unsafe lane change, you may be able to make a financial recovery. Our diligent Wheaton and Schaumburg motorcycle accident attorneys will scrutinize the circumstances surrounding your injury and assist you in understanding your legal rights and options.


Unsafe Lane Change Accidents


Even with proper safety gear such as a helmet and protective clothing, motorcycle riders are vulnerable to being injured in accidents caused by motorists weaving in and out of traffic. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclist deaths occur 28 times more frequently than fatalities in other vehicles based on 2016 fatal crash data. Unfortunately, many of these crashes are due to unsafe lane changes.


Unsafe lane change accidents take place when a driver changes lanes in a dangerous manner or against traffic safety laws. An unsafe lane change can have a number of causes including:


  • Failing to see a vehicle in the adjacent lane;
  • Failing to check blind spots before changing lanes;
  • Changing lanes at an intersection;
  • Driving while intoxicated;
  • Aggressively driving; and/or
  • Driving while drowsy.

Liability for Unsafe Lane Change Accidents


Unsafe lane change accidents are entirely preventable if drivers are careful. All drivers have an obligation to check their blind spots and use their turn signals when they are changing lanes. Sadly, many simply fail to do so, causing catastrophic accidents. These wrecks are especially dangerous when vehicles are travelling at high speeds on the highway.


Drivers who make unsafe lane changes can be held accountable. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident because a driver made an unsafe lane change, you may be able to recover compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. The majority of these cases are rooted in the legal theory of negligence. Negligence takes place when a driver causes an accident by failing to use reasonable care behind the wheel. Reasonable or “due” care is the degree of care that a sensible or prudent individual would have used in the same or a similar situation. As such, what is considered “reasonable” will vary depending on the specific situation.


Illinois law follows the “modified comparative fault” rule in which fault is relatively apportioned between the parties to an accident. A plaintiff’s recovery will be reduced by his or her degree of fault. For example, if you are deemed to be 20 percent at fault, your total damages award will be reduced by that amount. The only exception is that if the plaintiff is 51 percent or more accountable for the accident, then he or she is entirely barred from recovery. Your attorney can help you contest claims that your own actions contributed to your injuries.


Damages in Motorcycle Accident Cases


A serious motorcycle accident can leave a rider with severe injuries such as head trauma, broken bones, and back injuries. A motorcyclist who has been injured by a negligent motorist should not have to bear the costs associated with the accident alone. Fortunately, Illinois law allows victims of motorcycle accidents to recover a variety of damages including, but not limited to: medical bills, expenses for rehabilitation, property damage, pain and suffering, lost income, and any other losses arising from the accident.


Seasoned Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Serving Wheaton and Schaumburg


When a person makes an unsafe lane change and hits a car, it may only result in structural damage to the vehicle. However, when a person makes an unsafe lane change and hits a motorcycle, the motorcyclist can suffer permanent injuries, even death. If you have been injured in an accident caused by an unsafe lane change, you may be entitled to compensation for your harm. At Therman Law Offices, our diligent Wheaton and Schaumburg lawyers are committed to holding negligent drivers accountable for the accidents and injuries that they cause. We proudly take on clients from areas including Bloomingdale, Carol Stream, Glendale Heights, Roselle, Lombard, Addison, Villa Park, and Elmhurst. Call us today at 312-588-1900 or contact us online.

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