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  Truck Accidents | Schaumburg Trucking Injury Lawyers Therman Law OfficesTruck accidents may have disastrous consequences for many people involved. If you or someone close to you has been hurt in a Cook County crash caused by a truck driver’s negligence, you should reach out to a Wheaton and Schaumburg truck accident attorney at our firm as soon as possible. We understand that legal action is probably not something that is on your mind in the immediate aftermath of an accident, but it is important to know your rights so that you can make an informed decision about your next steps. At Therman Law Offices, our motor vehicle collision attorneys are familiar with this area of law and can put our insights to use for you. Pursuing Compensation From a Truck Driver or Trucking Company   According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA,) a large truck is a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000 or more pounds. Truck accidents in Illinois are unfortunately common. In 2014, for example, there were 11,585 semi-truck crashes in the state, of which nearly 100 resulted in deaths and nearly 2,000 resulted in injuries. The commercial trucking industry is subject to strict regulations at both state and federal levels. These laws are designed to promote safety and minimize the risk of truck crashes on the road. For example, a truck driver may only drive a certain number of hours in a given day and week, they are subject to regular drug and alcohol testing, and they must maintain their vehicle and keep maintenance records. Even when a truck driver has sufficient training and experience, however, accidents may happen for a variety of reasons. Some common causes of truck accidents include speeding, unsafe lane changes, distracted driving, tire blowouts, fatigued driving, and uneven cargo loads. If a negligent truck driver caused your injuries or your loved one’s death, you have rights. You may sue the truck driver for negligence if they failed to exercise reasonable care behind the wheel and ended up causing a crash. For example, if a truck driver falls asleep or texts while driving, they probably would be held liable for a victim’s injuries. This is because a reasonable truck driver would get enough rest so that they could remain alert and refrain from distracting activities like texting, recognizing the risks that they pose. Our truck accident lawyers can help Schaumburg and Wheaton residents investigate the cause of a crash and determine a basis for asserting liability. In certain cases, you may also be able to sue the truck driver’s employer through the legal concept of vicarious liability. This is appropriate when the truck driver’s negligence occurred on the job. In other words, the truck driver’s employer may be liable for the negligence of the employee if the accident took place while the employee was acting within the scope of employment, such as if they were delivering something for the employer or handling another job-related task. Explore Your Options with a Truck Accident Attorney in Schaumburg or Wheaton   Due to the sheer size and weight of a truck, accidents involving these vehicles often result in injuries that are more devastating than those in ordinary car crashes. If you have been struck by a careless trucker, we can help. At Therman Law Offices, our Wheaton and Schaumburg truck accident lawyers have successfully resolved many motor vehicle collision cases for clients in and around Cook County. We have offices in Wheaton, Schaumburg, and near O’Hare Airport, from which we can assist people in communities such as Norwood Park, Edison Park, Harwood Heights, Norridge, Elmwood Park, Park Ridge, Des Plaines, Rosemont, Elk Grove Village, Mt. Prospect, Arlington Heights, Hoffman Estates, Streamwood, and Elgin. To set up a free appointment with a personal injury or wrongful death attorney, call us at 312-588-1900 or contact us online.



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