Workers Compensation Lawyer Schaumburg, IL

Workers Compensation Lawyer Schaumburg, ILIf you are dealing with an injury that occurred at work and are wondering about the workers compensation process, then contacting a workers compensation lawyer in Schaumburg, Illinois will be beneficial for you. Dealing with workers compensation claims is not always one of the easiest things to do for an individual. There are statutes of limitations, key details, and more things that are involved with these cases. Therman Law Offices have years of experience in helping clients with their workers compensation cases and issues. We understand the nuances of the workers compensation process and how these cases can go. Contact us today to learn more about the process and to have us learn more about your case. 

What are the Statutes of Limitations?


Once you have been injured at work, you will want to make sure that you let your employer know as soon as possible that you have been injured. You will need to provide details of the injury to them as well like when it actually happened and also where it happened. Providing your employer with these details is crucial to receiving any benefits and you will want to make sure that it is submitted to them no more than 45 days after the injury. For the sake of your case and possible benefits, writing out a letter of your injury details is what is recommended. A verbal conversation to your employer could be disputed, so doing it in writing is what is best. If you need help with the process, then a lawyer from the Therman Law Offices can be contacted for assistance as there are some other key details involved in these circumstances as well. 

Workers Compensation Denials


Denials happen to many workers compensation claims. This could be due to not submitting the injury within the statute of limitations or maybe key details were left out of your case. A hearing may be needed if you have been declined for workers compensation and believe that you were declined wrongly. Hiring a workers compensation lawyer in Schaumburg, IL could be beneficial for you. Our lawyers can help out with any supporting evidence that is needed for your case and look over all of the details of the circumstances of your injury. A lawyer could be the difference between receiving or not receiving the benefits and compensation that you rightfully deserve for your injury.


Illinois Workers Compensation Law Firm


With our skills, experience, and knowledge we believe that we are the right lawyers to help you out with your case. We will strategize with you in order to build a strong case going forward and help you to receive the benefits and compensation that you deserve. A Schaumburg, IL workers compensation lawyer from our firm will listen to all of your details and concerns and will be with you at every step of the process. Contact Therman Law Offices, LTD today to set up a consultation and get your case going in the right direction. 

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