Workers Injury Lawyer Gurnee, IL

Workers Injury Lawyer Gurnee, IL Injuries happen on the job every day to a wide range of people. Most of these accidents could be avoided as well if fellow coworkers, the company itself, and other individuals took more precautions at the workplace. When people cut corners and try to get something done quicker than is standard or if they ignore certain safety guidelines, then the chances of an injury become higher. If you have been injured on the job, then you may be entitled to some kind of compensation package for the issues that have been put on you. Contact a Gurnee, Illinois workers injury lawyer today to learn more about proceeding with your case.


Getting Injured on the Job


Injuries on the job can happen in any industry. Many people think that they only can happen at labor intensive jobs, but this is not the case. While those jobs make it more likely that an injury may occur due to working with heavy machinery and exposing the body to more potential dangers, office jobs pose risks as well. Using bad posture at work or tensing muscles repeatedly when using computer items like the mouse and keyboard can put stress on the body leading to injury. Looking at a screen repeatedly can cause damage to your eyes as well. Therman Law Offices has dealt with many cases involving work injuries. Contact us today to get your case going and to assist you with the process.

Common Workplace Injuries


Some of the more common injuries at work are due to slips and falls, equipment failures and malfunctions, product defects, and not following safety guidelines. Negligent actions by fellow employees and individuals also can put people in harm’s way. Slip and fall injuries could lead to mild injuries to severe depending upon the details of that injury circumstance. The same goes for equipment malfunctions and product defects. These types of injuries could also see you with scars, bruises, or broken bones. If you have been injured at work and think that you may have a case, then contact a Therman Law Offices workers injury lawyer in Gurnee, IL today to get your case going.


What to do Next if You Were Injured at Work


If you were injured at work, then it is important that you go and get checked out by a doctor to make sure that you are ok. You will also want to report this injury to your supervisor or HR department at your job as soon as possible. Statutes of limitations are generally in place for how long you can submit a workplace injury claim, so doing it as soon as possible is important. Your workers injury lawyer in Gurnee, IL can fill you in on more details regarding timelines and other details.


Illinois Workers Injury Law Firm


Experienced legal counsel is here to help you. Our firm has years of experience dealing with workers injury claims along with many others. We believe that we can get you the compensation you deserve for this injury. Contact Therman Law Offices, LTD today to speak with our lawyers and get your case started.

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