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Personal Injury Lawyer Lake County, IL - Law book and judges gavelIf you have suffered injuries in an accident caused by someone else’s carelessness, you may want to contact a Lake County, IL personal injury lawyer. You may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages and other losses. An attorney from Therman Laws Offices, LTD can help you pursue a timely claim against the negligent parties.

Common Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Personal Injury Case

If your injuries resulted from another party’s negligence, you deserve to be properly compensated. However, in order to receive fair compensation, you must build a strong personal injury case. Here are some common mistakes that could hurt your case.

  • Not reporting the accident to the proper authorities. The first thing you need to do after an accident is report it to the proper authorities. For instance, if you were in a car accident, you would call the police. If you got hurt in a slip and fall accident in a grocery store, you would inform the grocery store owner/manager. They will file a report about the accident, which is important to have for your case.
  • Delaying medical care. After an accident, you might not feel that bad. However, that does not mean that you are not hurt. Sometimes injuries can take longer to show symptoms. That is why it is critical to seek emergency medical care immediately. A doctor should evaluate your injuries and recommend the proper treatment. As a Lake County personal injury attorney can confirm, delaying medical care could put your health and injury case in jeopardy.
  • Waiting too long to file a claim. If you want to pursue a claim for your injuries, know that there is a deadline. In Illinois, the statute of limitations to file a personal injury claim is two years. Once that deadline has passed, you are no longer eligible for compensation.
  • Trusting the insurance company. There is a good chance that the at-fault party’s insurance company will contact you after your accident. They may seem like they want to help and even offer you a settlement. However, you should never trust the insurance company. They only care about their bottom line and may try to pay you as little as they can get away with. Don’t provide details about your case and don’t accept a settlement offer without your attorney’s approval.
  • Not being careful on social media. Many people tend to share details about their lives on their social media accounts. If you are currently in the middle of a personal injury claim, you should avoid doing this. If you post a picture, for example, that makes it seem like you aren’t truly injured, it could harm your case.
  • Failing to hire an attorney. Although you aren’t required to hire an attorney for your personal injury claim, it is in your best interest to do so. A skilled attorney knows the true value of your case and will handle negotiations with the insurance company.

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Actions To Take After A Personal Injury Accident 

Surviving a personal injury accident can be a traumatizing experience, as a trusted Lake County, IL personal injury lawyer knows. When you are still in the middle of processing what happened, filing a claim may be the last thing on your mind. However, knowing what to do beforehand can help you understand how to improve your chances of obtaining the outcome that you deserve and want. You should remember to take the following steps if you are ever in a personal injury accident so that you have what you need to file a claim when you contact Therman Law Offices, LTD for help.

Report the accident right away 

Anyone who has been in a personal injury accident should report that accident as soon as possible. No matter what kind of accident that you have been in, whether it was a pedestrian accident, slip and fall, car crash, or dog attack, you must report the event right away. If you believe that you have more severe injuries, see if someone else can call 911 and inform them of what happened. Do not leave the scene and wait for first responders to arrive so that they can provide you with further assistance.

Get a medical evaluation

If you were in a personal injury accident, you should be treated by a doctor, paramedic or other medical professional as soon as possible. You may have injuries that you are not aware of, so having an evaluation is essential. Do not refuse any medical attention because you should have medical records as part of your evidence. If you do, you can be questioned if you decide to file a claim because investigators will wonder why you did not seek medical attention sooner.

Gather evidence

Collect as many pieces of evidence as you can if you are at the scene. Take many photos of the accident scene, any destroyed property, the debris on the ground, and your injuries. Organize all of your documents as well that may be relevant to your ase, such as medical records and bills. It’s also helpful to include invoices and pay stubs if you have been forced to miss work as a result of the accident.

Prepare your legal documents

You will need to fill out some forms and organize legal documents for your personal injury claim. If you need personalized assistance idling out your paperwork, you can reach out to a skilled Lake County personal injury lawyer who can review your paperwork to ensure that everything is filled out correctly.

Meet with a lawyer

Contact a qualified and experienced lawyer who has assisted clients with their personal injury case as soon as possible. The sooner that you meet with a lawyer to discuss your case and legal options, the more they will be able to help you. If you have any questions at all about your case, they will be able to answer them in detail. For more information about legal services that are cost-effective and accessible, contact a qualified Lake County personal injury lawyer from Therman Law Offices, LTD near you right away.

5 Ways You Can Seek Compensation for a Personal Injury

A dedicated Lake County, IL personal injury lawyer will take the legal burdens off your shoulders following a personal injury. Suffering a personal injury can be a traumatic experience, impacting both your physical well-being and financial stability. You deserve to receive maximized compensation for all of your critical damages, and there are many factors you can receive compensation for. An experienced lawyer, such as a lawyer at Therman Law Offices, LTD, will look at your case from all angles and make sure no stone is left unturned. In this article, we will explore five common methods individuals can utilize to be compensated for a personal injury.

Personal Injury Lawsuits

One of the most common ways to seek compensation for a personal injury is by filing a personal injury lawsuit, which can be done by a Lake County personal injury lawyer. This legal action allows you to hold the responsible party accountable for their negligence or wrongful actions. By proving that the defendant breached their duty of care and caused your injuries, you may be awarded damages for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Insurance Claims

Insurance policies, such as auto insurance or homeowner’s insurance, can provide compensation for personal injuries resulting from accidents. When you sustain an injury, you can file an insurance claim with the responsible party’s insurance company. This process typically involves providing evidence of the accident, medical records, and other relevant documents. If successful, you may receive compensation for medical bills, property damage, and other associated expenses.

Workers’ Compensation

If you were injured while performing your job duties, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that provides financial and medical benefits to employees who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses. By reporting your injury to your employer and filing a claim, you can receive compensation for medical treatment, lost wages, vocational rehabilitation, and permanent disability.

Settlement Negotiations

In many personal injury cases, parties involved may choose to settle the matter outside of court through negotiation. This approach aims to reach a mutually agreed-upon settlement that provides compensation to the injured party without the need for a lengthy trial. Settlement negotiations can take place between the injured person’s attorney and the defendant or their insurance company. If successful, the injured party can receive a lump sum payment or structured payments to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages.

Government Compensation Programs

In certain situations, there may be government compensation programs available for specific types of injuries. For example, victims of crimes may be eligible for compensation from state-funded programs that aim to assist crime victims with medical expenses, counseling, and lost wages. Additionally, in cases involving vaccine injuries, there are federal compensation programs designed to provide compensation to those who have suffered adverse effects from certain vaccines.

When dealing with a personal injury, it is essential to explore your options for compensation. Whether through personal injury lawsuits, insurance claims, workers’ compensation, settlement negotiations, or government compensation programs, there are avenues available to seek the financial recovery you deserve. A Lake County personal injury lawyer will work tirelessly on your behalf. Don’t hesitate to contact our offices today if you are seeking experienced legal guidance.

Landmark Personal Injury Law Cases

In the realm of personal injury law, Lake County, Illinois has seen its fair share of landmark cases that have shaped the legal landscape and provided essential precedents for future litigations. This article will delve into three significant cases that underscore the importance of seeking the expertise of a Lake County, IL personal injury lawyer when dealing with complex legal matters.

One of the notable cases in Lake County’s personal injury history is Suarez v. Chicago Transit Authority. In this case, Mr. Suarez, a passenger on a CTA bus, suffered severe injuries due to a sudden and forceful braking incident. He alleged that the bus driver’s negligent actions caused his injuries and sought compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

The key issue in this case was whether the bus driver’s conduct constituted negligence and whether the Chicago Transit Authority could be held liable for his actions. The Lake County personal injury lawyer representing Mr. Suarez argued that the bus driver failed to exercise reasonable care in operating the vehicle, leading to the injuries sustained by his client. The case hinged on the duty of care owed to passengers by public transportation operators.

Ultimately, the court ruled in favor of Mr. Suarez, holding that the bus driver’s abrupt braking was indeed negligent, and the Chicago Transit Authority was vicariously liable for the driver’s actions. This case set an essential precedent for personal injury cases involving public transportation in Lake County, emphasizing the responsibility of transit authorities to ensure the safety of their passengers.

Ayala v. Walgreens is another significant case that sheds light on the responsibilities of property owners in Lake County when it comes to maintaining safe premises for their customers. In this case, Ms. Ayala suffered a slip and fall accident at a Walgreens store due to a wet floor caused by a leaking refrigerator. As a result of the fall, Ms. Ayala sustained serious injuries and incurred significant medical expenses.

The central issue in this case was whether Walgreens had exercised reasonable care in inspecting and maintaining their premises, and whether they could be held liable for Ms. Ayala’s injuries. The Lake County personal injury lawyer representing Ms. Ayala argued that Walgreens failed in its duty to keep the store safe for customers by not promptly addressing the hazardous condition.

The court ruled in favor of Ms. Ayala, holding that Walgreens was negligent in its maintenance of the store, leading to the dangerous condition that caused her injuries. This case reinforced the duty of property owners in Lake County to regularly inspect and rectify any potential hazards on their premises to protect the safety of their customers.

Smith v. Caterpillar stands as an important case in Lake County’s personal injury history, highlighting product liability issues. In this case, Mr. Smith suffered severe injuries while operating a Caterpillar construction vehicle due to a manufacturing defect in the vehicle’s braking system. He contended that Caterpillar’s negligence in producing a faulty product caused his injuries and sought compensation for his damages.

The key issue in this case was whether Caterpillar could be held strictly liable for the injuries caused by its defective product. The Lake County personal injury lawyer representing Mr. Smith argued that the manufacturing flaw in the construction vehicle’s braking system rendered it unreasonably dangerous, making Caterpillar liable for the damages incurred.

The court ruled in favor of Mr. Smith, holding that Caterpillar was strictly liable for the injuries caused by its defective product. This case emphasized the importance of holding manufacturers accountable for the safety of their products and served as a crucial precedent for product liability cases in Lake County.

These three landmark cases demonstrate the significance of seeking the guidance and expertise of a Lake County, IL personal injury lawyer when faced with legal challenges in this area. The outcomes of Suarez v. Chicago Transit Authority, Ayala v. Walgreens, and Smith v. Caterpillar have shaped the legal landscape in Lake County, setting precedents that underscore the importance of accountability and responsibility in personal injury cases. Whether dealing with public transportation accidents, premises liability issues, or product defects, having a skilled personal injury lawyer by one’s side is essential for obtaining fair compensation and justice.

What steps should I take immediately after a personal injury accident to protect my rights and potential compensation claims?

A Lake County, IL personal injury lawyer will emphasize how important it is to seek out medical help so that you can be treated right away after an accident. Seek immediate medical attention for your injuries, as delaying treatment can harm both your well-being and the strength of your legal case. If possible, document the accident scene, gather contact information from witnesses, and take photos to preserve crucial evidence. It’s crucial to report the incident to the relevant authorities and, if applicable, your employer or property owner. Finally, consult with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your legal options, ensure you protect your rights, and understand the steps required to pursue potential compensation claims effectively.

How can I determine if I have a valid personal injury claim and what factors are essential for a successful case?

The validity of a personal injury claim can be a challenge to figure out because there are several key factors to consider. Generally, the success of your case hinges on three main elements: liability, damages, and causation. Liability involves proving someone else’s negligence or intentional wrongdoing caused your injuries. Damages entail quantifying the losses you suffered due to the injury, such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Causation establishes a direct link between the defendant’s actions and your injuries. An experienced personal injury lawyer can thoroughly assess the details of your case to determine its validity, taking into account these critical factors and any unique circumstances.

What are the various types of compensation available in a personal injury case, and how can I pursue them?

In a personal injury case, you may be eligible for various forms of compensation, including but not limited to medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. In some cases where the defendant’s actions were particularly egregious, punitive damages may be awarded. The specific compensation you can seek depends on the circumstances of your case, the severity of your injuries, and the applicable laws in your jurisdiction. An experienced Lake County personal injury lawyer can guide you through the process and work hard to advocate for the rightful compensation that you deserve.

What is the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit, and how does it impact my case?

The statute of limitations, a legal timeframe set by state law, dictates how long you have to file a personal injury lawsuit. This time limit varies depending on your jurisdiction and the type of personal injury claim involved. Generally, it ranges from one to six years from the date of the injury or, in some cases, from the date of discovery of the injury. If you do not file a lawsuit within the timeframe, you may have to forfeit your right to seek compensation. To ensure you do not miss this critical deadline, it is essential to consult with a personal injury lawyer promptly. They can clarify the specific statute of limitations applicable to your case and take the necessary steps to initiate legal proceedings within the prescribed time. 

What role does insurance play in a personal injury case?

Insurance often plays a significant role in personal injury cases. Most individuals and businesses have liability insurance to cover injuries or damages they may cause to others. In many cases, your attorney will negotiate with the at-fault party’s insurance company to reach a settlement. If a fair settlement cannot be reached, you may need to file a lawsuit. Understanding the nuances of dealing with insurance companies, including what to say and what not to say, is critical. Contact an experienced Lake County personal injury lawyer from Therman Law Offices, LTD to find out how you can get the legal help that you need to file a claim.

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