Workers Comp Lawyer Wheaton, IL

Workers Comp Lawyer Wheaton, ILGetting injured on the job can be a difficult and stressful time. Not only do you have to tend to your injuries by visiting with doctors and other hospital staff but going through the legal process can be confusing. Hiring a worker’s comp lawyer in Wheaton, IL can help you out with the confusing and difficult process of navigating through the legal system. Lawyers from Therman Law Offices understand how the workers compensation process goes and can help you out with your case. 


Timelines Involved with a Workers Comp Claim


There are timelines in place for how to go about a worker’s comp claim. You will want to notify your employer no more than 45 days after your injury. This notice to your employer is recommended to be done in written format that details where and when exactly your injury took place. Notifying your employer means that you notify HR or a supervisor at your employer. If the company doesn’t take your claim seriously, then that could be the basis of negligence on behalf of your employer or even employer retaliation if they attempt to retaliate you for your workers comp claim. Contact a Wheaton, Illinois workers comp lawyer for more details and assistance with your case.


Workers Compensation Denials


If you have been denied for workers comp, then there is no reason to panic. This sometimes happens because your claim wasn’t submitted on time, or some key details were missing. A lawyer can help you out with those details and ensure that your case is solid. If you think you were wrongfully denied, then you may need to have a hearing for your case. Our lawyers can help you set up that hearing and prepare for it to get you the compensation that you deserve for your injury.


Common Workplace Injuries


Many injuries happen at the workplace that could be eligible for workers compensation. Some of the more common injuries include slip and falls, repetitive motion injuries, poor employer safety practices leading to injury, and more. Labor industries as well as office jobs could also have injuries occur at them. An office worker could get injured from a repetitive motion injury from sitting for long hours and overusing certain muscles for their job. If you have been injured on the job, then discussing the details and how to go forward with your claim with a lawyer from Therman Law Offices will be of great assistance to you. Consult with us today.


Illinois Workers Comp Law Firm


Legal representatives are here to help you out with your case. A worker’s comp lawyer in Wheaton, IL from our firm will listen to your case and learn from you about all of the details. We will then make a strategy going forward with you in order to bring about the maximum benefits and compensation that you deserve as a result of your claim. With our experience and skill, we know that we are the right lawyers for you. Contact Therman Law Offices, LTD today to get your case started.

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