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The devastation that accompanies a motorcycle accident can be life-altering for injured individuals and their families. At Therman Law Offices, we understand the emotional, physical, and financial impact that accidents can have on victims. Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable due to the exposed nature of their bikes. Head-on motorcycle accidents are among the most deadly and dangerous types of crashes. Our experienced Wheaton and Schaumburg motorcycle accident lawyers help injured victims assert their legal rights following a crash. Our dedicated, efficient legal representation is focused on seeking maximum compensation for our clients so that they can focus on their recovery.


Securing Compensation for Harm Suffered in a Head-On Motorcycle Accident


Head-on motorcycle collisions occur when the front of a motorcycle collides with the front of another vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. These tragic accidents may be caused by a variety of factors, including a driver disobeying traffic laws, entering the highway from the wrong direction, speeding, or drunk driving. Motorcyclists hurt in a head-on collision have the right to file a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver for damages resulting from the crash.


The first step in a lawsuit following a head-on motorcycle crash is to establish fault. When a driver fails to meet their duty of care by engaging in negligent or reckless conduct, they may be held legally responsible for resulting harm. Negligence is the legal term for failing to act as a reasonable person would under similar circumstances and causing injuries. To prove negligence, therefore, the injured party shows that they were owed a duty of care which was breached by the defendant, and that this breach directly caused an accident and resulting harm.


All drivers, including motorcyclists, have a duty to drive carefully and avoid causing harm to others. Drivers who enter the highway from the wrong direction or cross the center line while texting behind the wheel may be held liable for a collision. This means that the at-fault driver will be responsible for harm resulting from their conduct. A sensible or prudent driver would maintain control of their vehicle and avoid texting while behind the wheel, for example, as it increases the risk of an accident.


Proving Negligence


Illinois law requires that the injured plaintiff bear the burden of demonstrating fault by a preponderance of the evidence. This standard requires that the injured party put forth facts that persuade the judge or jury that the defendant was at fault for the accident. If the injured party can show that the at-fault driver more than likely caused the head-on collision, then according to this standard, the judge or jury should return a judgment in their favor.


After establishing the fault of a driver for a head-on motorcycle accident, the victim will be entitled to damages. Economic and non-economic damages include medical costs, lost wages from work missed due to injuries, emotional pain and suffering, property damage, and disfigurement and scarring. Because a head-on collision motorcycle accident can be deadly, leaving victims permanently injured and in some cases facing traumatic brain injuries and broken bones, it is important to seek all available damages. Future costs of expected medical care are particularly important for a damages award, as injured motorcyclists often face future surgeries and ongoing rehabilitation.


In the tragic event of a wrongful death following a head-on motorcycle crash, the personal representative of the victim’s estate may file a claim for damages. Often, the personal representative is a surviving realtive, such as the victim’s spouse or child.


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If you or someone close to you has been hurt in a head-on motorcycle crash, you may pursue a claim for damages against the responsible party. The motorcycle accident attorneys at Therman Law Offices bring over 35 years of combined experience to their legal advocacy in Wheaton and Schaumburg. We also represent people in Roselle, Carol Stream, Lombard, Glendale Heights, Villa Park, Elmhurst, Addison, Lemont, West Chicago, Oakbrook Terrace, and Westmont. Contact our office by phone at 312-588-1900 or through our online form to schedule a free consultation.

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