Tire Blowout Motorcycle Accidents

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Tire blowout motorcycle accidents usually occur due to the sudden deflation of a tire, and lead to serious or even fatal accidents. In the aftermath of a blowout, motorcyclists lose control of their bike and cause single or multi-vehicle crashes. It can be challenging to determine the cause this kind of crash, and a skilled Wheaton or Schaumburg motorcycle accident attorney can help you understand how to approach your case. At Therman Law Offices, we rely on more than 35 years of combined experience as we fight for the rights of injured individuals, pursuing maximum monetary compensation for their losses.


Proving Legal Fault for a Tire Blowout Motorcycle Accident


If you have been injured following a motorcycle tire blowout accident, you can file a legal claim against all parties that may have contributed to your harm. The facts of the case will dictate the best approach, as the tire manufacturer, a motorcycle mechanic, or, in some cases, the government may be responsible for the harm caused in a tire blowout case. Different legal theories may apply, including product liability or negligence. For example, defective parts can lead to a products liability claim against the designer or manufacturer, and even the retailer that sold the tires.


Defective tires are a primary cause of tire blowout motorcycle accidents. A products liability claim against the manufacturer or the designer will not require the victim to demonstrate negligence. Instead, these cases proceed under the theory of strict liability. Some defects, such as tires with tread that separates from the tire itself while on the road, may require a massive tire recall.


For a defective design claim arising out of this kind of crash, the victim must prove that the design of the tire at issue is dangerous, the design caused the tire to fail, and that they suffered injuries as a result of the tire’s defect. A manufacturing defect claim requires showing that the tire was made in a defective manner, and that if it had been manufactured properly, it would not have blown out or failed.


If a tire blowout results from a road hazard, the local municipality or other government entity may be held legally responsible. Government entities have the duty to maintain roadways in a safe manner so that drivers can avoid hazards. It is important to be aware that if you believe a government entity was responsible for your harm, special procedural requirements may apply to your claim, and a skilled motorcycle accident attorney can help you navigate these rules.


Mechanic Negligence Leading to a Tire Blowout Accident


A mechanic who over-inflates a tire or commits another error may be held accountable if their actions lead to an accident. Motorcycle tires must be inflated to the correct pressure, as over-inflation can lead to excessive pressure, particularly as the tire heats on the asphalt. Mechanics have the duty to inspect and address any tire issues, and to avoid increasing the likelihood of a crash because of an over-inflated tire. A mechanic’s employer may also be held liable if a mistake of this nature led to your harm.


Damages in a Motorcycle Accident Case


Victims of tire blowout motorcycle accidents can assert their right to damages for the costs of treating their injuries, as well as other collision-related expenses. Property damage, ongoing rehabilitation services, and missed wages from work due to injuries can be included in a damages claim. Loss of enjoyment of life is much more challenging to quantify, but skilled legal counsel can help you assess the impact of the accident upon your quality of life to help you pursue these costs as well.


Motorcycle Accident Attorneys for Schaumburg and Wheaton Residents


The experienced motorcycle accident lawyers at Therman Law Offices can review the facts and evidence in your tire motorcycle blowout case and help you understand your right to seek damages after a crash in Wheaton or Schaumburg. We represent injured victims in communities including Arlington Heights, Elgin, Streamwood, Bartlett, Hanover Park, Wood Dale, Bloomingdale, Hoffman Estates, Roselle, and Bensenville. We provide a free consultation, and can be reached by calling 312-588-1900 or completing our online form.

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