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Sprains and strains are a common type of injury suffered by workers in a variety of industries, particularly manufacturing. Unfortunately, this kind of harm can be painful and expensive to treat. Workers who have suffered sprains and strains may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits as set forth by Illinois law. At Therman Law Offices, our Schaumburg and Wheaton workers’ compensation lawyers are committed to providing efficient and effective assistance to employees seeking benefits. Together, we bring over three decades of experience to our practice, and are skilled in pursuing recovery on behalf of our clients.


Sprains and Strains Under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act


Workers that suffer sprains and strains in the course of employment are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act (IWCA) details laws that provide a no-fault system to help employees injured on the job. Employers throughout Illinois purchase workers’ compensation coverage, a form of insurance that helps workers who endure injuries or illness while working. If an employee suffers a strain or sprain while performing work-related tasks, or at their place of employment, they would likely qualify for benefits. The IWCA also extends coverage to workers who exacerbate a pre-existing injury, which may be the case for those with recurring strain or sprain injuries.


The physical effects of a sprain or strain can be quite damaging. These types of injuries can occur suddenly, or develop over an extended period of time. Sprains take place when ligaments that connect bones become torn, stretched, or damaged in some form. If a tendon tears, the individual may suffer a strain. Muscles can also become strained. Repetitive work or too much force can stress tendons or muscles.


Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Employees with a Sprain or Strain


Benefits included in the workers’ compensation system cover medical costs for all job-related injuries, as well as lost wages from time away from work. The purpose of these laws is to help injured individuals return to work and compensate them for economic losses suffered. If an individual takes a lower paying job due to their sprain or strain, they may be able to replace the difference in wages.


The first step after suffering a workplace strain or sprain is to secure medical assistance. It is important to let the doctor know that the injury is work-related. Additionally, maintaining medical information is critical because an employer will be required to determine their employee’s medical status and ability to work. The law states that employees are entitled to medical care that is reasonably necessary to treat the injury. This may include physical therapy as well as medical visits.


Because workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, workers do not need to prove liability for their harm. In the majority of cases, employers cannot be sued in a personal injury claim, however if a third party such as a manufacturer or a careless driver is responsible for causing harm, then the employee may be able to file an injury claim against them. A seasoned workers’ compensation lawyer can evaluate your case to help you detemine whether this kind of lawsuit may be appropriate for you to pursue.


The severity of a worker’s sprain or strain will dictate the type and amount of benefits recovered according to the IWCA. Injured workers who are completely unable to work for a specific period of time may be entitled to temporary total disability benefits, for example. These will replace wages until their medical condition improves. When a worker is no longer totally incapacitated from working, they will not be eligible for temporary total disability benefits. If an employee can return to work but not perform the same tasks as they could pre-injury, they may be eligible for temporary partial disability benefits.


Schaumburg and Wheaton Lawyers for Workers’ Compensation Claims


Workers’ compensation benefits may be available to help you during your period of recovery if you have suffered a sprain or strain at work. At Therman Law Offices, we are skilled in helping people suffering all types of work-related injuries, and will guide you through the process of pursuing a claim for maximum recovery. Our Wheaton and Schaumburg attorneys can represent injured workers in communities including Elgin, Bensenville, Hanover Park, Bartlett, Bloomingdale, Wood Dale, Carol Stream, Glendale Heights, Roselle, Villa Park, Addison, and Lombard. Please contact our office by phone at 312-588-1900 or reach us online.



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