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Neck injuries and trauma can lead to permanent, debilitating damage. For injured workers facing medical treatment and time away from work, Illinois law provides a way to recover benefits. A knowledgeable Wheaton and Schaumburg workers’ compensation attorney at Therman Law Offices can assist you in understanding your options for pursuing a claim for benefits. We are skilled at helping injured workers seek compensation to help them following a work-related accident.
Neck Injuries in the Workplace
Neck injuries may not be physically apparent in all circumstances, but an injured worker may suffer significantly. The degree of severity of a neck injury can vary from a less serious strain to permanent, disabling harm. Generally, neck pain includes discomfort from the base of the skull extending toward the shoulders.
Employees may suffer a neck injury in a work-related car accident, slip and fall, or in a loading and unloading accident. For instance, whiplash is an injury which may occur for employees who drive as part of their work duties. Less physically demanding jobs may still lead to neck injuries because workers who sit in awkward positions for extended periods of time can develop strains. Trauma and sprains to the neck can lead to vision problems, headaches, and an inability to sleep, as well as muscle fatigue and pain.
Workers’ Compensation Benefits Available for Neck Injuries
Eligibility for workers’ compensation does not depend on proving fault for the accident that caused your injury. Under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, benefits are available to those workers hurt in the scope and course of their employment. A neck injury that was intensified or sustained while on the job will typically satisfy this requirement. As a form of insurance, worker’s compensation provides benefits to injured employees, including coverage for medical expenses, temporary and permanent disability benefits, and job retraining if an injury prevents a worker from returning to their former field.
While fault is not required to recover benefits, workers’ compensation is an exclusive remedy. This means that injured workers who elect to access workers’ compensation benefits will not be entitled to recover through a personal injury claim. However, it is possible that a third party is responsible for causing the underlying accident that led to your injuries. For example, if another driver caused a crash while your were driving a work van, and you suffered injuries, you may have a claim for compensation against this third party.
Filing a claim for workers’ compensation allows employees the opportunity to recover medical costs and lost wages. Legally, employers must provide for costs of medical care that is reasonably necessary to alleviate or cure the effect of the injury. In many cases, coverage extends to hospital stays, surgery, rehabilitation costs, and other treatment required to heal.
A neck injury can lead to permanent or temporary disability. Accordingly, workers’ compensation benefits may be permanent or temporary. These benefits are further classified as total or partial. An employee unable to work during recovery may seek temporary total benefits, which is compensation for the entire time an employee is unable to work. The extent of these disability benefits depends on the severity of the injury and the period of time that an employee takes away from work.
In some situations, a workers’ compensation claim may be initially denied. Insurance companies might refute the severity of an injury so that they can pay fewer benefits. Appealing a denied claim is an option, and with supporting medical evidence and the assistance of an experienced work injury lawyer, workers can pursue the benefits to which they are entitled.
Wheaton and Schaumburg Attorneys for Workers’ Compensation Claims
At Therman Law Offices, we assist clients in seeking the benefits they deserve after a work related injury. Our workers’ compensation lawyers are committed to advocating for employees who are facing medical treatment and time away from work. We are available to serve clients from Harwood Heights, Norwood Park, Edison Park, Norridge, Elmwood Park, Des Plaines, Rosemont, Mt. Prospect, and Elk Grove Village. To discuss the details of your claim, call our office at 312-588-1900 or contact us online.


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