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Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that helps injured employees. Employees throughout Illinois in various industries may be hurt on the job while performing work-related duties or completing tasks at an employer’s request. Injuries that fall under the coverage of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act (IWCA) may be new or exacerbated, pre-existing conditions. If you need assistance with an initial claim for benefits, the Wheaton and Schaumburg workers’ compensation lawyers at Therman Law Offices can offer dedicated and effective representation.


Initial Claims for Injured Workers Throughout Illinois


The workers’ compensation claims process set forth by Illinois law requires injured employees to comply with specific deadlines and procedures in order to receive benefits. Employers maintain workers’ compensation insurance to provide for workers in the event of a work-related injury or illness. Benefits assist workers who are unable to perform their occupational tasks while healing, or undergoing treatment for injuries. Financial support can include medical costs, payments for disability, and costs for vocational training.


To qualify for workers’ compensation under the IWCA, the employee must have suffered a work-related injury or illness. The first step when filing a workers’ compensation claim is to notify the employer of the accident or injury. Injuries covered by workers’ compensation range from back injuries and broken bones to crushing injuries and torn ligaments. It is important to provide an employer with written notification of the accident or illness, including as much description as possible. Some workplaces include employment handbooks that detail a procedure for notifying the employer of an injury.


According to law, injured workers have 45 days from the date of the incident to deliver written notice. The deadline for reporting a workplace injury may be extended if the injury has slowly developing symptoms, or those that occur over a period of time, such as repetitive stress injuries. If an initial claim is based on a work-related illness, the employee should let their employer know when they become aware that their condition is in fact work-related.


After a worker reports an injury and makes a claim for benefits, the insurance company investigates and determines whether to approve or deny the claim. If a claim for benefits is denied, the employee must receive a written explanation detailing the reasons for denial. Procedural errors can lead to the denial of a claim, as can disputes regarding the injury itself. Upon denial, the worker may file an appeal with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, and a skilled work injury attorney can help.


The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission


The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (IWCC) oversees workers’ compensation claims in Illinois. This government agency resolves disputes that arise between workers and their employers or the employers’ insurance companies. The IWCC is impartial, meaning it does not side with the employer nor the employee.


In addition to appeals, the IWCC manages adjustment of claims. An Application for Adjustment of Claim may be necessary if the worker and the insurance company disagree on the amount of benefits the worker should receive, or their eligibility for benefits in the future. Even if a claim is approved, if a worker suddenly stops receiving benefits, it is helpful to have an Application for Adjustment of Claim on file.


After filing an initial claim for compensation, some workers may need to file a repeat claim. This second claim may arise from the same affliction, in the same bodily location. It can also stem from a different injury, or when a worker begins employment in a new industry.


Workers’ Compensation Lawyers for Wheaton and Schaumburg Employees


If you are filing an initial claim as an injured worker in Schaumburg, Wheaton, or the surrounding areas, our office can help. The knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorneys at Therman Law Offices advocate for employees in various industries. We help with initial claims for benefits as well as appeals in Park Ridge, Rosemont, Des Plaines, Elk Grove Village, Arlington Heights, Hoffman Estates, Mt. Prospect, Streamwood, Bartlett, and Elgin. We will closely investigate your case to help determine the relief you may be eligible for through the workers’ compensation system, as well as potentially other legal remedies. Relying on more than 35 years of combined experience, we are committed to assisting workers and others in need of legal representation. To learn more about your claim, call our office at 312-588-1900 or reach us online.





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