Nervous to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

When it comes to filing a workers’ compensation claim, many people are, understandably, nervous to do so. They may think that they are stirring up problems at work or they may think that their employer will single them out and not give them well-deserved raises or promotions in the future. Whatever your concerns are, it is important to understand that filing a workers’ compensation claim is not the same as filing a personal injury lawsuit. In circumstances where your employer appears to be retaliating against you after you have filed a workers’ compensation claim, you will certainly want to speak with a lawyer about discrimination. However, this is unlikely to happen. 

How do I know my employer even has workers’ compensation benefits? 

This is a good question but it is important to remember that almost all companies in the United States will have workers’ compensation benefits, depending on the number of employees they have. Your workers’ compensation claim should not directly impact your employer and it does not have the same effect as filing a lawsuit against your employer. 

Is my employer obligated to hold my job for me? 

While you are recovering, one of the concerns you may have is whether or not your employer will hold your job for you. As a lawyer, like a workers’ comp lawyer from a law firm like Hurwitz Whicher & Molloy, LLP understands, you should not expect to be fired when you are at home recovering from your workplace injury. If your employer is threatening to fire you when you have gone on leave for an injury like this, you should speak with an attorney about wrongful termination. 

What if my claim gets denied? 

Another reason many people are nervous about filing workers’ compensation is that they are concerned about their claim getting denied. It is important to remember that just because a claim is initially denied does not mean you will not receive these benefits. You should speak with your lawyer about filing an appeal to any denial so that you can fight for the benefits you deserve after a workplace accident. 

Do you need help filing a workers’ compensation claim after you were injured at work? Do not hesitate to get legal help from a law firm you can trust. You should not be afraid to file a claim that could help you while you are recovering from your injuries. 

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