The 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in Chicagoland


Dangerous jobs are in no short supply in Chicagoland. There are plenty of opportunities for full-time employment that can give you more than you bargained for, and not in a good way.

If Chicago was the east coast, then the number one most dangerous job would be fishing! And if Illinois had more forests than farms, second place would go to logging workers. Chicagoland is also exempt from another one of the top 5 most dangerous jobs in the United States – mining.

However, there are still plenty of dangerous jobs in chicagoland to go around, and many different industries are affected.

Here’s a look at the 10 most dangerous jobs in Chicagoland:

  1. Airplane pilots and flight engineers
    Deadly weather conditions can put an airline pilot at risk.
  2. Farmers and ranchers
    The danger for farming and ranchers comes from a mix of exposure to dangerous chemicals, and operating heavy and dangerous machinery.
  3. Roofers
    Roofers are constantly working very high up, where falling could lead to severe injury or death. Safety precautions are minimal.
  4. Sanitation Workers
    Sanitation workers are constantly working with harsh and dangerous chemicals.
  5. Truck drivers and delivery workers
    Truck drivers are constantly on the road where most workplace accidents occur. They not only deal with other dangerous drivers, but dangerous weather conditions, like rain and snow.
  6. Industrial machine workers
    Industrial machine workers can easily be injured by heavy machinery, especially when safety measures aren’t followed or machinery isn’t properly installed.
  7. Police officers
    Police officers are constantly on the road and put themselves in the middle of dangerous situations.
  8. Animal care worker
    Animals can be unpredictable, and unfortunately in some situations, deadly. Animal care workers have to accept some risk when working with these creatures.
  9. Construction laborer
    Construction laborers can be exposed to deadly chemicals used in building materials, heavy machinery, and heights. It’s one of the most dangerous careers to have.
  10. Firefighter
    Firefighters put themselves in dangerous situations whenever a fire happens. There are a number of dangers they face, including smoke inhalation, heights, and the possibility of the building they’re in crumbling around or on them.

Many of these careers are dangerous because of the weather conditions that workers have to face. High winds, extreme temperatures, and in the case of truck drivers, poor driving conditions in rain or snow, can lead to fatal or near-fatal accidents.

Another reason why some of these jobs made the list is because the worker has to deal with caustic substances and hazardous chemicals. Agricultural workers are constantly exposed to pesticides and other chemicals related to farming. Firefighters, construction workers and sanitation workers have their own chemical issues to deal with. Accidental inhalation or exposure over a long time can lead to death.

An obvious problem is when workers have to work high above the ground. Construction workers, firefighters, and roofers face this danger on a daily basis. Usually, there are steps taken to ensure protection and safety, but it’s not always enough. Accidents happen, especially when all safety measures aren’t followed.

Many of these dangerous jobs exist all around the United States, but are particularly relevant in the state of Illinois, especially around Chicagoland. At the end of the day, many jobs have dangers that are hard to avoid – but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t preventable in some way.

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