Inquiries To Discuss During Your Personal Injury Consultation

Not only is being in a car accident scary, but it can be downright painful. If another driver was responsible for an auto accident and you were injured because of it, then you should consider your legal options in pursuing compensation. Of course, your initial response is going to be to call 911 and get treatment for your injuries. After that, you may need to speak with the lawyer so that they can protect you from there on out. Unfortunately, many victims of auto accidents realize that their own insurance company may not have their best interests in mind, and a lawyer may be needed to help handle the situation for the betterment of the victim.

So what questions do people have when meeting with a lawyer for the first time? What types of inquiries are important to ask? Here are examples of questions that an auto accident lawyer  from Yearin Law Office is accustomed to answering: 

What if I cannot afford to get medical attention?

We all know that medical care is expensive and not all of us may have medical insurance that will cover most of our bills in the event of a personal injury accident. If you are someone who is worried about the medical debt that you may accumulate by seeking treatment, rest assured in knowing that you have options in getting repayment for your losses. Many people who have been in an auto accident don’t realize that they are in fact victims. If someone was at fault for what happened to you, then they should be the one liable for your medical bills, loss of wages, property damages, and other ways that you have been affected.

How much may I receive in compensation after an auto accident?

The amount that you receive in compensation will vary based on what you’ve experienced and the factors of the accident. One of the roles that your lawyer has is to calculate your potential monetary award. During your consultation, there are certain things that your lawyer will need to know. Bring with you copies of medical documentation related to injuries, receipts for out-of-pocket expenses, wage statements from your employer, and anything else that is relevant to what happened and how you have been affected. Reliable proof will be a crucial aspect of your claim, as the more evidence you have that supports your side of the story and the injuries you sustained, the better your chances are at getting fair restitution.

Who can be useful witnesses as my claim is being handled?

When car accidents happen, there is usually at least one other person who was there or saw it happen. Depending on where the accident occurred, either on a lazy downtown street or busy highway during peak traffic hours, it is likely that at least one other person came over to help at the scene. Witnesses are influential to personal injury cases because they are essentially agreeing to what you state has happened. Witnesses can help prove who was at fault, how the accident happened, and the severity of your visible injuries. Other useful witnesses along with bystanders can include passengers who were in the vehicle with you, or loved ones who saw how badly your physical injuries were because of the accident. 

In the aftermath of a serious auto accident, victims must watch out for their best interest and recovery. When meeting with a lawyer for help, such as a team member from Yearin Law Office, consider bringing a list of questions so that your concerns can be addressed during the consultation. 

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