Charter Bus Accidents

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A charter bus is an efficient and safe manner for groups to travel together. Typically, charter buses are reserved for tour groups, private organizations, sports teams, or businesses. Buses range in size, with the larger buses maintaining reclining spaces, luggage storage, and often a lavatory. Following an accident involving a charter bus, victims have the legal right to pursue damages from the at-fault party. In some situations, there may be more than one responsible, and the experienced Schaumburg and Wheaton bus accident lawyers at Therman Law Offices can assist by carefully examining the circumstances surrounding the collision. Injured individuals have the right to pursue costs associated with their harm, and our attorneys will strive to hold all responsible parties accountable.


Demonstrating Fault After Suffering Harm in a Charter Bus Accident


Bus drivers and their employers may be held accountable when they harm others through their actions or failure to appropriately act. The burden carried by those driving a charter bus is to remain alert and aware behind the wheel. All drivers are required to obey traffic laws, and to operate their vehicles in a safe manner that avoids causing harm to others on the road. Additionally, all charter buses are required to abide by federal safety regulations, regardless of when the bus was built. This ensures a safe passage for those on the road.


The duty owed by a charter bus as a “common carrier” is above that required of drivers of ordinary passenger vehicles. The law requires that because charter buses transport people for compensation as their primary business, they must meet a higher standard of care.


There are various causes of charter bus crashes, ranging from driver error to equipment malfunction. In most situations, the driver’s failure to act at a reasonable driver would under similar circumstances results in an accident. Negligence is the term for a breached duty of care that leads to the harm of others. When drivers fail to exhibit the reasonable care that another driver under similar circumstances would exhibit, then that driver may be deemed negligent. For example, all charter bus drivers are required to take breaks after driving for a legally mandated period. If drivers ignore these rules and cause an accident while driving in a fatigued state, they may be held liable. Another example would be driving far above the speed limit, or driving while intoxicated, and causing an accident. Demonstrating driver negligence requires careful assessment of the facts surrounding the accident, and a skilled injury attorney can help you with this evaluation.


Establishing Legal Fault for Charter Bus Accidents


While negligent charter bus drivers may be legally at fault for an accident, the charter bus company may also be held accountable. Vicarious liability is a legal term that describes a relationship between two people in which the acts of one are imputed or attributed to the other. An employer may be vicariously responsible for the acts of an employee if at the time of the accident, the employee had been performing work tasks or taken action within the scope of their employment. Additionally, when mechanical errors with the bus or failure to properly maintain a vehicle leads to a charter bus accident, the tour bus company alone may be held legally responsible.


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An accident involving a charter bus can lead to devastating harm, and cause serious injury and even fatalities. When you or someone close to you suffers injuries in a charter bus collision, you are entitled to pursue a legal claim from all potentially at-fault parties. The Wheaton and Schaumburg attorneys at Therman Law Offices help individuals harmed by the negligent or reckless conduct of others. We investigate all potential causes of a crash, and strive to recover maximum compensation for accident victims. Our clients reside in areas including Lisle, Bolingbrook, Darien, Norwood Park, Elmwood Park, Harwood Heights, Park Ridge, Edison Park, Des Plaines, Norridge, and Rosemont. To learn more about the specifics of your case, call our office at 312-588-1900 or contact us online.

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