Illinois Jury Returns $10.75 Million Verdict for Truck Accident Involving Wrongful Death of Minor Pedestrian

Car accidents and truck accidents are always devastating for the victims, even when the injuries and property damage are minor. When a driver’s negligence results in a fatality, however, the outcome is a nightmare. At Therman Law Offices, our team of Chicago fatal truck accident lawyers has handled numerous claims on behalf of grieving survivors. We know exactly what you are going through during this time and will fight to ensure that you bring a careless driver to justice. Recently, an Illinois trial court considered a lawsuit involving a fatal truck accident.

The victim, age 15, was walking home from school with his older brother prior to the accident. As he and his brother entered a crosswalk, a truck driver initiated a right-hand turn into the intersection. The truck struck the victim, and its rear wheels ran over the victim, causing her to die at the scene.

The victim’s surviving family members filed a lawsuit against the truck driver and the trucking company that employed the driver, alleging that the driver was negligent in failing to yield the right of way to the victim and her sibling as they crossed the street. The plaintiffs’ complaint stated that the crosswalk signal was green for the pedestrians and that the victim and her sibling had proceeded well into the crosswalk at the time the truck struck the victim. The parties agreed that the driver was acting within the course and scope of his employment at the time of the crash. A surveillance video from one of the corners where the accident took place was offered into evidence. Although the video had poor quality, the plaintiffs alleged that it showed that the victim and her sibling had been walking across the crosswalk for at least 30 seconds before the truck arrived at the intersection.

In addition to the video, both parties offered expert testimony from trucking industry professionals, accident reconstructionists, and other experts. The defendant offered testimony from witnesses indicating that the victim was talking on a cell phone at the time of the accident and that the crosswalk signal was red. The driver stated that he saw the victim talking on her phone and that since he saw the red crosswalk signal, he believed that the victim and her sibling were remaining on the corner of the intersection instead of proceeding to walk across the street. The plaintiffs again reiterated their assertion that the crosswalk signal was green at the time of the impact.

The jury concluded that the truck driver was fully responsible for the crash and entered a verdict of $10.75 million for the plaintiffs. This included a $4 million verdict for the sibling who witnessed the impact, and the remainder of the verdict was allocated between the victim’s parents.

Although no amount of money can truly compensate you for the loss of your loved one, it can help you cope with the financial costs associated with their injuries and death. At Therman Law Offices, our compassionate and dedicated team of wrongful death lawyers is standing by to assist you in asserting your right to compensation. We can assist you with all aspects of the legal process, from gathering evidence to dealing with insurance companies. To schedule your free consultation, call us now at 773-545-8849 or contact us online.

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