How a Lawyer Can Assist With Benefits Claims

How a Lawyer Can Assist With Benefits Claims

Lawyers & Benefit Claims

Anyone who develops a disability that makes it difficult to continue working may consider applying for Social Security Disability Benefits. Although many people qualify for this government assistance, the application process can be daunting, and mistakes lead to coverage denial. Lawyers can help applicants navigate the application process and improve their chances of receiving benefits.

Experience Filing Disability Claims

Social Security disability lawyers focus on filing their clients’ claims and know what to look out for to prevent unnecessary delays or denials. They will ensure that:

  • Clients obtain the appropriate medical documentation.
  • All applications include all necessary documentation. 
  • The description of the disability is accurate.
  • Clients meet the acceptable criteria for being disabled.

A lawyer with experience also supplies beneficial evidence to the Social Security Administration.

Assistance Preparing for the Appeals Process

Although hiring a lawyer can significantly improve your chances of submitting a successful application for disability benefits, most people are denied coverage and must file requests for appeals. Lawyers anticipate coverage denials and automatically prepare their clients for the appeals process. Experienced attorneys track filing deadlines and consider which doctors and other witnesses best support their clients’ cases.

An attorney also prepares a client to answer a judge’s questions and proves that a client is incapable of working. Depending on the client’s circumstances, the attorney may offer evidence proving one of the following:

  • The client’s disability meets the Social Security Administration’s criteria to qualify for disability benefits.
  • The client can no longer perform a job held before the disability.
  • The client can not perform a job while sitting.
  • The client’s limitations are not contingent upon exertion.

Representation During the Hearing

When someone receives a denial of benefits, an attorney can effectively file an appeal that leads to a hearing before an administrative law judge, who might reverse the initial decision. It may be necessary to file multiple requests throughout the process until a court date is established for the judge to hear the case. An attorney will represent a client at the appeal and introduce the witnesses whose testimony will support the client’s claims.

A social security lawyer who has experience representing clients at hearings also knows how to respond to various scenarios that might confuse or fluster clients who represent themselves. 

If you think you may qualify for social security disability benefits, speak with a social security lawyer, like Hurwitz, Whitcher & Molloy, LLP, who can evaluate your case and guide you about how to proceed.

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