Hit and Run Accident Lawyer


Are you in need of a hit-and-run accident lawyer? If you are, try Don Yearin of Yearin Law Office. He has more than 25 years of litigation experience. To date, he’s earned his clients more than 50 million in case results. If you’d like to speak with him, contact him here

What Happens After A Hit And Run Accident?

During a hit and run, both parties should exchange identifying information. In other words, you two should exchange your names, addresses, and insurance company. You should also exchange phone numbers. If the driver who hit you takes off, you’re within your rights to follow this person and write down the license plate number. However, you shouldn’t follow this person home nor continue to chase after the driver because that can be dangerous.

Once information is exchanged, you should call the police to file a report. Police reports are admissible evidence in court. They’re used to help a judge decide what happened and who’s at fault. Afterward, you should go to the hospital. You may have sustained internal injuries that you have yet to feel due to adrenaline. Moreover, you may think your pain and injuries are minor unless an x-ray tells you otherwise. Furthermore, a medical report is admissible evidence in court and verifies the cost of your recovery.

How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

Each personal injury case is different. A court may award you thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions.

You may sue for compensatory and punitive damages. Compensatory damages are your actual damages, such as your medical expenses, lost earnings, and lost earning capacity (i.e., when your physical injuries are so severe that you can’t return to the same field or capacity of work). They include your emotional damages, such as your pain and suffering, too. However, punitive damages are damages a judge awards you to punish the at-fault driver for malicious, intentional, or grossly negligent behavior. A judge will only grant you punitive damages if you’re first awarded compensatory or nominal damages. 

Compensatory and nominal damages open the door to punitive damages. Your nominal damages may be as low as $1. Yet you can sue for as much as you believe you’re entitled to when you request punitive damages. Unlike most states, Arizona doesn’t have a cap on this award amount. But the defendant will argue that you either have the wrong party or that the auto collision was your fault. If so, you stand to lose your case. This will force you to pay for your expenses out of pocket. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to hire compassionate, knowledgeable hit-and-run personal injury lawyers like those at Yearin Law Office.


Hit and runs are scary. They can also be frustrating to maneuver. When someone hits you and flees, that party has violated your rights. More than likely, they’ve damaged your vehicle and probably injured you as well. Therefore, you should take legal action. But the decision to sue shouldn’t be taken lightly. Neither should the lawyer you hire. Don Yearin of Yearin Law Office is the best hit-and-run accident lawyer this town has to offer. 

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