Des Plaines Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Des Plaines, IL Des Plaines Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Riding a motorcycle can be a fun experience, and an easy way to get to and from, but when a crash happens you may need help from a Des Plaines, IL motorcycle accident lawyer. Motorcyclists in particular are vulnerable to serious injury if a car driver didn’t see them coming or was being reckless and had struck them on the roadway. A motorcycle rider can quickly turn into a victim of a personal injury accident if a car driver hits them and then they sustain injury and damage to their property. But the loss often doesn’t stop there, as those who were in accidents may also experience financial loss because they needed medical attention and stayed at home to recover. Devastatingly, some motorcyclists cannot return to the health they had before and must manage new conditions or impairments for life. We believe that those who are careless and cause harm to others should be liable for the suffering they caused. If you are considering pursuing compensation from the driver who hit you, then now is a time to seek our assistance at Therman Law Offices, LTD.

Compared to other motorists, motorcyclists are more likely to suffer from catastrophic or fatal injuries in collisions with cars. If you consider that motorcyclists do not have the seat belts, a cab, or airbags to protect them, then it’s no surprise to learn that they often suffer the worst injuries in an accident. While a helmet does protect the head from certain types of injuries, it doesn’t mean that a head or brain injury won’t still happen. Typical injuries that are frequently seen in motorcycle accident victims include spinal cord damage, head injury, back injuries, fractured bones that need surgery, fatality at the scene, or succumbing to their injuries shortly thereafter. As a Des Plaines motorcycle accident lawyer offers, motorcyclists who take these precautions can reduce the chances of being in an accident:

  • Practicing riding in all weather conditions
  • Practicing riding on different types of roadway
  • Knowing how the weather can affect bike movement and performance
  • Wearing a protective helmet, gloves, boots, an body gear
  • Adding reflective items to their bike for more visibility
  • Riding based on traffic laws
  • Never riding while under the influence of drugs or alcohol

But as a Des Plaines motorcycle accident lawyer knows, even if you have taken the above precautions and more, you may still have not arrived safely at your destination. If there is evidence of the car driver’s negligence, then you may have grounds for filing a personal injury lawsuit. If you are a surviving family member of someone who died in a motorcycle accident, you could pursue financial compensation and justice in civil court for loss of life. At Therman Law Offices, LTD, we are dedicated to victim’s rights and are ready to take action for what you have endured because of the crash. You deserve fair restitution for medical bills, loss of earnings, property damage, and other ways you have suffered. We are prepared to take on your case.

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