Car Accidents Cases And Dog Bite Cases

Dog Bite Lawyer

Car accidents cases and dog bite cases are the same in fact that they are both in the category of personal injury, but they are different in that car accident cases have proper settlement amounts that are “easier” for lawyers to pinpoint whereas proper settlement amounts for dog bite cases are little less predictable. Even more distressing, that’s only if the opposing party is inclined to settle at all. Dog bite cases are complex and while a good lawyer will be able to handle these complexities here’s some insight on what will need to happen in order to get a good settlement:

The Owner Must Be Motivated to Settle

Most personal injury cases settle, but in dog bite cases, the likeliness that the offending dog’s owner will settle is less probable than other case types. Given the more unique nuances of the case type and the rules regarding them which are largely open to interpretation, a good deal more of dog bite cases end up going to trial and so in order to even think about a settlement, the defendant must be influenced to believe there’s a possibility they might lose at trial, thus motivating them to settle. So it’s the job of your lawyer to convince the defendant early that your case meets the legal requirements to win at trial.

The Injured Must’ve Suffered Actual and Prominent Damage

As mentioned above, a good deal of dog bite cases end up going to trial and one needs to be prepared for the possible event. So it should be known that dog bite cases settlements at trial usually get decided by a jury which is where things get murky. While its easy to calculate damages related to income and medical bills, calculating damages regarding pain and suffering is more difficult in dog bite cases compared to other case types. That which qualifies as pain and suffering is subjective and each jury is as unique as the cases they’re reviewing making it ultimately less easy to predict dog bite case settlement. So in order to get a better handle on your case, your other more calculable damages must be significant.

You Need a Good Lawyer

This where things get “wild” so to speak as plenty of other factors can influence the end settlement, say for instance the city where the suit is filed and recent events. If there have been highly publicized dog bite attacks in the area, the population and in turn, the jury will be more sympathetic to the victim. Also rural areas, are more conservative when awarding damages compared to large cities. It’s important to find the right dog bite lawyer, such as one from the Therman Law Offices who can maneuver around these passive obstacles so you can get the settlement you think you deserve. 

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