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Car Accident Lawyer Schaumburg, ILOne of the more frightening experiences a person can have is being involved in a car crash. The emotional effect of the whole incident can be traumatic, made even more so if they have suffered physical injuries, as well. Anyone who has been in an Illinois car accident should take certain steps to ensure they legally protect themselves. A car accident lawyer Schaumburg, IL clients trust can help.

What Steps Should a Car Accident Victim Take?

The first thing a person who has been in a crash should do is to stop their vehicle and, if possible, pull the vehicle out of traffic. The law requires that any driver who has been in a crash that involves an injury, loss of life, or property damage stop and report the incident to law enforcement.


The law also requires anyone involved in a crash to render aid to injured victims. This is done by calling 911 and requesting emergency responders come to the scene of the accident.


If physically possible, a victim in a crash should also obtain the following information which will be needed to pursue any legal action against the other driver who caused the crash:

  •       The driver’s name, contact information, registration number, and vehicle insurance information.
  •       Contact information for any witnesses of the crash. If able, the victim should also write down or ask the witness to write down what they saw.
  •       Photographs of the scene of the crash, including any damage to vehicles and property. It is also a good idea to capture any photos which could show road or weather conditions, landmarks, etc., that could help a car accident lawyer in Schaumburg, IL building their case.
  •       Photographs of the victim’s injuries.

If the victim has not been transported to the hospital from the scene of the crash, it is important that they seek out medical attention once they are able to leave the site. This is important even if they don’t think they have been injured or their injuries are minor ones. It is common for symptoms of injuries sustained in a crash to not show up for hours or even days. This happens frequently with injuries like concussions, back injuries, and whiplash. Delaying medical attention could cause the injury to worsen. It is also helpful to have medical documentation that diagnosis the injuries as close to the time of the crash as possible. A delay of a few days or longer could actually be used later on by the insurance company to try to deny the victim’s claim.


And speaking of insurance companies, a car accident victim should never deal with any insurance company – even their own – without first speaking with a car accident attorney.  They should not discuss details of the accident, and they should request anything the insurance company tells them to be sent in writing – either via email or regular mail.

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If you have been injured in a car crash, contact a Schaumburg, IL car accident lawyer right away. At Therman Law Offices, LTD, our legal team has successfully represented many car crash victims and know first-hand how manipulative insurance companies can be. Call our office today to schedule a free consultation.

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