Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Accidents That May Lead to Spine Injury

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

As a professional from Johnson & Kallal | Wyoming Law can explain, when an injury is caused due to the negligence, or fault, of another person or entity, victims may have grounds to pursue compensation for their injuries by means of a personal injury claim. With the assistance of a spinal cord injury lawyer, victims have a chance to gain compensation for their physical and emotional damages and to help with paying for various expenses incurred as a direct result of the injury.

The spine is a bone structure that contains the spinal cord. The spinal cord is nerve tissue that runs from your brain to your lower back and carries signals from your brain to your body, and from your body to your brain. Injuries to the spine and surrounding areas may result in damage to your spinal cord, resulting in what is referred to as a spinal cord injury. These such injuries can be particularly devastating for victims, commonly leading to paralysis, permanent disability, and mobility issues.

Types of accidents that could potentially result in an injury to the spinal cord:

Car Accidents

When a vehicle collides with another vehicle, object, or obstacle, there are immense forces at-play. Even when all safety measures are taken to avoid an accident, accidents can happen, and there is a risk of serious injury to the spine and spinal cord as a result of the accident. 

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable and prone to injuries when accidents happen due to the exposed nature of the mode of transportation. Even with adequate safety gear, like helmets, padding, leather suits, and gloves, riders who find themselves in an unfortunate accident scenario are likely to sustain injuries, varying in severity, including spine injury.

Truck Related Accidents 

When a large commercial truck collides with a much smaller passenger vehicle, injuries are extremely likely. Truck accidents are particularly dangerous because of the sheer weight of larger trucks and the powerful forces that are created when traveling at speed. Safety measures can only do so much for drivers and passengers of passenger vehicles. 

Slip and Fall Accidents – Unsafe Premises Conditions

Slip and fall accidents can happen  when they are least expected. When a property owner or occupant fails to maintain a safe environment for other occupants and visitors, there is potential for a slip and fall accident to occur. Victims of slip and fall accidents may be able to pursue compensation from the owner or occupant of the property where the accident occured.

Work Accidents – Unsafe Work Conditions 

When an employer fails to maintain a safe work environment for all employees, accidents can occur that lead to serious injury or death. When an accident does occur that results in an injury, the victim may have grounds to take legal action against the suspected liable party. 

Pedestrian Accidents Involving Motor Vehicles

Pedestrians are particularly vulnerable when traveling near motor vehicle traffic. Whether traveling on foot, by bicycle, roller skates, or scooter, to name a few – you are considered to be a pedestrian. In most states, drivers are required to yield to pedestrians. Unfortunately accidents are inevitable, and when an accident does happen between a motorist and a pedestrian – serious injury is likely to occur.

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