5 Types Of Evidence In Car Accidents

Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accident LawyerCar accidents can be destructive and result in severe losses for victims involved.  When you have suffered injuries as a result of a traumatic car accident, you should take steps to prepare a strong claim. Collecting evidence for your claim is crucial and you want to make sure that you have a large body of evidence that a skilled personal injury lawyer can evaluate. Preserve every type of evidence that you’re able to gather because every type of evidence counts.  Common types of evidence in a car accident that a lawyer typically reviews include the following items.

Medical Records 

Documents detailing your injuries, medical condition, and prescribed treatments are some of the most important pieces of evidence to include in a car accident claim. Medical expenses are one of the biggest issues that car accident victims face after surviving an accident. They have to be treated for their injuries which can involve risky surgeries and long recovery time. The costs for medical treatment can amount to thousands of dollars, and even more if an accident victim needs lifelong care. 

Photos and Videos

After an accident make sure you do not leave the scene without recording videos and capturing plenty of photos so that you can have them as evidence. If your condition does not allow you to take photos, talk to first responders or witnesses who were at the scene if they have taken photos of the accident site. Your photo should include skid marks, debris, damaged vehicles, property and destroyed objects like barriers. Take any photos and videos that you have and give them to a lawyer so that they can review them to build your claim.

Traffic Collision Report 

After an accident, the police officers write a report that details a summary of the accident. The traffic report will include important information that you need to know as a claimant, such as how the accident happened, who was involved, who was at fault and where the accident occurred. Request a copy by going to your local police station and they will give it to you. Give the copy to your lawyer so that they can keep it as evidence. 

Witness Statements

Find out if any witnesses were there at the time of the accident.  Get their contact information and a detailed account of what they saw because they may be able to provide you with facts to supplement your case. They might be able to give you valuable information that you would not be able to get from anyone else. 

Financial Records

Pay stubs, invoices, and other financial documents should be included when you are filing a car accident claim. These records help an accident lawyer accurately calculate your losses so that you can recover the right amount of compensation. If you are in need of personalized legal counsel after suffering injuries and losses from a serious accident, speak with a trusted lawyer right away. 

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