3 Types of Common Personal Injury Cases

A personal injury case can be challenging and stressful to fight on your own without professional support. You may have a valid personal injury case if you have suffered harm as a result of another person’s negligence or intentional wrongdoing. As a personal injury lawyer can tell you, there are many types of personal injury scenarios where you may be eligible to recover monetary compensation. Victims who suffer injuries may be able to recover significant damages. Some of the most common types of cases that a personal injury lawyer like one from Ward & Ward Law Firm often assist their clients with include car accidents and pedestrian accidents. Here are several other types of cases that a lawyer may help you with.

Dog Bites

A dog bite can occur when a pet becomes fearful or aggressive around people they are not familiar with. If you have been bitten by a dog, you may be able to file a claim against the owner. Pets are legally considered property, so owners are automatically liable if their pet injures another person or animal. Owners are responsible for keeping control of their dog and making sure they don’t harm other people. Victims of dog bites can suffer serious wounds like tissue, nerve damage, or even life-threatening bacterial infections. Personal injury lawyers can evaluate your case and see what compensation you may potentially receive. 


Another type of common personal injury case is defamation, or libel or slander. If a person spreads lies about you that results in harm to your personal reputation, you may be able to file a personal injury claim against them. You must provide proof that the defendant deliberately made false statements about you and that you suffered losses directly because of them. 

Premises Liability

In a premises liability case, a victim experienced harm because the property owner did not establish sufficient safety and security measures. A victim can file a claim against them for failing to ensure that their guests are protected from suffering injury. Property owners are responsible for routinely inspecting their premises and maintaining it so that it is a safe area for all guests. Examples of premises liability cases include swimming pool accidents or if a robber broke into the area because of a faulty gate. 

If you have a personal injury case you would like to inquire about, schedule a confidential consultation now and receive urgent legal assistance from a top personal injury lawyer. 


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