Keurig Coffee Maker Spontaneously Catches Fire, Raising Concerns about Product Safety

There are many appliances that provide convenience and luxury in our modern lives. For those of us who have to have our morning cup of coffee, single-cup coffee makers like the Keurig coffee machine provide an excellent aid. What many consumers fail to realize, however, is that these appliances and many others, such as washing machines and pressure cookers, pose serious threats to our safety, particularly if they contain design defects or manufacturing defects.

According to a recent report, a consumer in Massachusetts experienced $100,000 worth of damage to her home after her coffee maker allegedly caught fire. After her insurance company paid the claim pursuant to her homeowner’s insurance policy, the insurer filed a lawsuit against Keurig, seeking compensation. The insurer is claiming that the machine, a Model K70 according to Keurig’s inventory, suffered from a defect that rendered the product unreasonably dangerous. There has been at least one other report indicating that a Keurig machine has caught fire.

Although this lawsuit only involves property damage, a defective coffee maker that is prone to catching fire poses serious health and safety risks to consumers. If the coffee maker catches fire during the early morning hours when people are sleeping in a home, they can suffer injuries like smoke inhalation, burns, or even death. A consumer may also suffer serious burn injuries when attempting to extinguish a spontaneous and unexpected fire within the device. And many of these single-use coffee makers are common in office buildings and other retail complexes, putting workers and shoppers in serious danger should the building catch fire.

If you experience injuries as a result of a defective product, Illinois personal injury law allows you to file a negligence action against the manufacturer, seeking compensation for your injuries and damages. In general, this type of lawsuit requires you to show that the manufacturer failed to use due care when designing, manufacturing, and marketing the device. This includes failing to provide adequate warnings and instructions regarding the device’s potential dangers.

Illinois law also allows accident victims to bring a strict product liability claim to seek compensation for their injuries. Under this approach, the plaintiff does not need to establish that the defendant failed to exercise due care. Instead, the plaintiff must show that the product in question was designed in a defective manner, that it suffered from a manufacturing defect that rendered the product unreasonably dangerous, or that the defendant failed to include sufficient warnings and instructions with the product to ensure its safe use.

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