Explosions on the Job

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At Therman Law Offices, our goal is to provide compassionate and effective legal representation to injured workers and their families. Explosions on the job are particularly traumatic, as the unpredictable and wide-ranging harm caused by such a blast can lead to catastrophic injury. Explosion accidents may cause burns and fractures, hearing loss, broken bones, and even death. Injured workers may require long-term, extensive treatment and in some cases, face permanent disability. For more than thirty-five years of combined experience, our Wheaton and Schaumburg workers’ compensation attorneys have assisted employees in securing disability payments, medical expenses, and other costs associated with their workplace harm. We are prepared to help you assert your right to the benefits you deserve in a timely manner.

Explosions on the Job

Workplace explosions occur in different industries, including construction and jobs requiring heavy machinery. Employees that use combustible materials at jobs that are predisposed to explosions have standards in place governing the use of these and other explosive materials at their worksites. Unfortunately, explosions on the job do occur, and even within an office building there are furnaces and boilers that can explode, injuring workers.

Following an explosion, workers can suffer devastating loss. A single explosion can lead to a number of physical injuries or illnesses. Depending on an individual’s pre-existing physical condition, as well as their proximity to the explosion, they can endure concussions, spinal cord damage, burns, broken bones, and hearing loss. Regardless of the cause for an explosion, injured workers are entitled to seek workers’ compensation benefits for their workplace injury.

Workers’ Compensation for Injuries Suffered in a Workplace Explosion

Illinois law codifies the benefits and compensation available to injured employees in the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act (IWCA). Illness, disability, or injury is covered by the IWCA, and employees do not pay a premium for this type of insurance. Employees injured in the course and scope of employment are eligible for workers’ compensation.

The benefits provided by the IWCA are exclusive, and workers are typically unable to pursue a separate claim. However, in certain circumstances, workers may seek additional compensation when a third party’s negligence caused or contributed to the explosion. The compensation that may be available in a third-party lawsuit is often more than provided under workers’ compensation. This is because these claims include damages for pain, suffering and other losses relating to the accident. Third party claims may be appropriate after a workplace explosion caused by a defective device, for example. The injured worker may be able to file a claim against the a manufacturer. A skilled attorney can help assess the viability of this type of lawsuit.

A successful workers’ compensation claim provides for reasonable medical care cost, wage loss compensation, and disability benefits. Employees injured in an explosion may endure a minor injury, leading to a temporary absence from work, or reduced work capacity. In more serious cases of permanent injury, workers may be eligible for permanent disability benefits. Temporary or permanent disability benefits will be rendered after a medical assessment that clearly indicates the worker’s capacity to return to the workplace. Workers’ compensation also provides for occupational training, an opportunity to learn new job skills if an employee is unable to return to their former vocation due to injuries suffered in the workplace explosion.

Workers’ compensation death benefits provide for the loss of a family member in an explosion on the job. Surviving spouses or children are typically eligible for benefits, including long-term compensation for lost earning power. Usually, benefits are determined to be two-thirds of the employee’s gross average weekly wage the year before the fatal injury.

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If you or someone close to you has suffered an injury in an explosion on the job, an experienced attorney can assist. For years, the lawyers at Therman Law Offices have represented workers throughout Schaumburg and Wheaton, diligently preparing a claim for benefits that provides for the financial security they need. We are here to explain your legal options following a workplace injury. Our office proudly represents clients from Norridge, Norwood Park, Edison Park, Des Plaines, Elmwood Park, Harwood Heights, Arlington Heights, Elk Grove Village, Park Ridge, Rosemont, Hoffman Estates, Streamwood, and Mt. Prospect. Our office can be reached by phone at 773-545-8849 or online.

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